Fires in companies-what are the most common causes
18 / 04 / 2024 / Fire and smoke

Fires in companies: what are the most common causes?

This April 28th marks the world Day for Health and Safety at Work, a day that promotes awareness about the prevention of accidents at work.

And although fires in the workplace cannot be classified as one of the most common threats, the truth is that fires in companies do happen.

Therefore, it is important to understand the most common causes of fires in companies to implement effective preventive measures. From simple oversights to complex electrical problems, each incident occurs due to a serie of causes that can be prevented.

Today we address the most common ones, Keep reading!

Electrical faults

Cables in poor condition, damaged plugs, short circuits… Electrical failures are the main cause of fires in companies. These can be caused by worn cables, faulty connections, overloaded circuits or poorly maintained electrical equipment.

A regular inspection of electrical installations, the installation of overload protection systems such as circuit breakers and fuses and the timely repair of any detected problems can significantly reduce the risk of fire.

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Human failures

Human carelessness, such as smoking in restricted areas, leaving equipment on unattended, or improper use of power tools, is also a common cause of business fires.

Awareness and training of personnel are key to minimize these risks. Establishing clear protocols, conducting regular inspections, and fostering a culture of safety in the workplace can help prevent these accidents caused by human carelessness.

Hot works have a greater risk of fire

Hot works are characterized by producing open flames, heat or sparks capable of causing fires or explosions.

Welding, cutting and burning are activities considered hot work, and since they are trades in which the risk of fire is higher than in most sectors, a hot work permit is necessary to carry out these functions, which adds an additional layer of safety against the risk of fire.

Improper storage of flammable materials

Improper storage of flammable materials, such as chemicals, combustible liquids or waste materials, can be the cause of a fire incident in a company, something that especially affects the logistics and industrial sectors.

These materials should be stored in designated areas, away from heat sources, and properly labeled. Additionally, it is essential to train staff in the safe handling of flammable substances and emergency procedures in case of spills or leaks.

Now that we have looked at the most common causes, it is important to point that workplace fires can be prevented with passive and active fire protection measures appropriate to each sector and through a strong workplace safety culture.

Are you considering how to improve fire safety in your business? In that case, it is important that qualified professionals carry out a prior and personalized study that meets the needs of your installation and takes into account the regulatory particularities applicable to the sector in which you operate.