Fire Curtains

Automated systems for compartmentalisation of smoke and fire

Fire curtains are mobile textile systems for compartmentalising and sectorising in case of fire. They are automated systems designed to guarantee integrity, isolation and low radiation in any case, as well as the non-penetration of smoke.

Functions and uses

Their purpose is to prevent flames from moving from the affected sector to the adjoining sector in the case of fire, thereby preventing the spread of the fire.


Our product range offers an invisible, innovative and functional solution for division of fire sectors, achieving resistance and adequate classifications for any type of compartmentalisation. These systems are compact and light, not overloading ceilings or lintels.


  • Light, compact system.
  • Allows the creation of hidden divisions for splitting buildings, industrial warehouses, refrigerated chambers, etc. into fire sectors.
  • This is an ideal solution for sectorisation in areas where there is a need for movement of machinery, people, vehicles or conveyor belts, allowing spaces to be kept open.
Icon_Seguridad@2x Safety And Guarantee
  • Control of production in factory.
  • Autonomous system with remote management and control of fires (depending on model).
  • System for controlling lowering and FAIL SAFE controlled emergency drop integrated in motor.
  • Speed of lowering in accordance with  ASB1 – ASB3.


  • Invisible system for the sectorisation of fire and smoke.
  • Integration and consistency with architectural elements.
  • Creation of sectors, after the activation of the system by the fire protection unit.
  • Finished in choice of RAL colours.
icon_Resistencia@2x Resistance And Durability
  • High temperature resistance (1000ºC) under regulation EN 1634-1.
  • Over 1,000 operation cycles.
  • Non-penetrable by smoke with pressure of 25 Pa (0.00 m3/h).


  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Pre-assembled systems.
  • Control of system status, management of maintenance and system lifespan.
  • UPS uninterruptible power supply with autonomy of up to 6 hours.
  • Control of position and status of the barriers.


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EN 1634-1

Fire doors and barriers:

Defines the fire testing procedure of the systems.

EN 13501-2

Classification based on the behaviour of construction products and building elements against fire. Part 2: Classification based on data obtained from fire resistance tests excluding ventilation installations.

Classification of systems based on their behaviour against fire.

EN 15269-11

Extension of fire resistance results for fire curtains.

Sets out the extrapolation of fire curtains of dimensions greater than those tested.


Specifies the final characteristics of the system in a single document setting out the different tests carried out, installation placements, maximum dimensions and the USE of the system.

Parts list

Parts list

  • 1
    Housing, depending on model, made from galvanised sheet metal.
  • 2
    Removable supports for forming the box and holding the roller (depending on model). Front and lower openings made with rounded edges without sharp edges or corners.
  • 3
    Roller with ogive for rolling the textile.
  • 4
    SMK motor depending on model with “TGFS” (Total Gravity Controlled Fail Safe Solution) technology.
  • 5
    Lateral guides with fabric holding system on the whole vertical side.
  • 6
    Textile holding system on the whole vertical side of the curtain for proper isolation of fire and smoke.
  • 7
    Technical fibreglass textile with different finishes depending on model and classification of the system.
  • 8
    Counterweight in various finishes and sizes for proper adaptation to the box or suspended ceilings.
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