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Technology designed with strategic efficiency for controlling your safety

Tecnitex is a company dedicated to the design and production of textile technical systems intended for sectorisation of fire and smoke control. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in product manufacturing and management. As specialists in the development of applications for fire protection, access control and product testing, we are able to guarantee a range of reliable, innovative and low cost products.


Our values

Our philosophy is based on four essential pillars


Teamwork is our organisational philosophy. It is the path that we follow to better performance and higher productivity, thanks to the commitment of the whole team.

Continuous improvement

We work ceaselessly in order to perfect our processes, products and services based on the changing needs of the market.


To be a leader it is necessary to want to lead. At Tecnitex we work hard to achieve the objectives and goals that we set continuously.


We make the maximum commitment to the quality, superiority and innovation of our products, ensuring the trust and satisfaction of our clients.


Applus ISO 9001 Certification Technological Center
Applus APF-1569 Fire Safety Certification

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Shopping centres

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Office buildings


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