Smoke Control Curtains

Barriers for smoke control

Smoke control curtains are fixed or mobile textile screens designed to channel, contain and/or prevent the spread of gases generated in case of fire. Our systems guarantee fire resistance for 60 minutes at 1000ºC or 150 minutes at 600ºC

Functions and uses

Their main function is to contain gases in designated smoke deposit areas, or to displace it to specific exhaust areas through temperature control and smoke exhaust systems (TCSES).


“The main cause of fatalities in a fire is smoke; an appropriate TCSES design must be conceived, allowing proper evacuation from the building”.


Our product range offers an invisible, innovative and functional solution, achieving resistance and adequate classifications for the containment and control of smoke in case of fire. These systems are compact and light, not overloading ceilings or lintels, etc.


  • Light and compact system, allowing the creation of deposits or channels for smoke exhaust without static elements impeding the spacious appearance of the space.
  • System adaptable to star-shaped, circular, angular configurations, etc.
Icon_Estéticas@2x Aesthetic
  • System which can be integrated in suspended ceilings or other structural elements, in its mobile version, which will remain hidden until being activated by the fire protection unit.
  • Finished in choice of RAL colours.

Safety And Guarantee

  • Control of production in factory. CE compliance certification. Autonomous system with remote management and control of fires (depending on model).
  • System for controlling lowering and FAIL SAFE controlled emergency drop integrated in motor.
  • Speed of lowering in accordance with ASB1 – ASB3.
icon_Resistencia@2x Resistance And Durability
  • High smoke resistance and opacity DH-60 (1000ºC 60 minutes) and DA-150 (600ºC 150 minutes) under regulation EN 12101-1.
  • Over 1,000 operation cycles guaranteed. Non-penetrable by smoke with pressure of 25 Pa (0.00 m3/h).
  • Textile tested under regulation UNE EN 13501-1 classification A2 s1 d0.


  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Pre-assembled systems.
  • Control of system status, management of maintenance and system lifespan.
  • UPS uninterruptible power supply with autonomy of up to 6 hours. Control of position and status of the barriers.
  • UPS uninterruptible power supply with autonomy of up to 6 hours.
  • Control of position and status of the barriers.


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EN 12101-1:2007

  • Systems for control of smoke and heat.
  • Specifications for smoke control barriers.

EN 1634-3:2001

  • Fire resistance tests of doors and enclosure elements.
  • Doors and barriers for smoke control.

EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2010

  • Classification based on the behaviour of construction products and building elements against fire.
  • Classification based on data obtained in fire reaction tests.

Product details

Product details

  • 1
    Housing, depending on model, made from galvanised sheet metal.
  • 2
    Removable supports for forming the box and holding the roller (depending on model). Front and lower openings made with rounded edges without sharp edges or corners.
  • 3
    Roller with ogive for rolling the textile.
  • 4
    SMK motor depending on model with “TGFS” (Total Gravity Controlled Fail Safe Solution) technology.
  • 5
    Lateral guides with fabric holding system on the whole vertical side.
  • 6
    Textile holding system on the whole vertical side of the curtain for proper isolation of fire and smoke (optional).
  • 7
    Technical fibreglass textile with different finishes depending on model and classification of the system.
  • 8
    Counterweight in various finishes and sizes for proper adaptation to the box or suspended ceilings.
Are you interested in fire curtains and smoke control barriers?

More information about smoke curtains

What are Smoke Curtains?

Smoke curtains are innovative fire safety systems designed to contain and control smoke
during building fires. These curtains are made of fire-resistant materials and can be
deployed vertically or horizontally to create barriers that restrict the movement of smoke and
heat within a structure. Smoke curtains play a crucial role in protecting occupants and
property by preventing the spread of smoke, toxic gases, and flames to unaffected areas of
the building.


How do Smoke Curtains Work?

Smoke curtains operate using a combination of advanced technology and engineering
principles. When triggered by fire detection systems or manual activation, smoke curtains
swiftly deploy to their designated positions, forming a barrier that blocks the upward
movement of smoke and redirects it towards extraction points or designated smoke
reservoirs. By containing smoke within confined areas, these curtains help maintain clear
evacuation routes, reduce smoke damage, and facilitate firefighting operations.


Smoke Curtains Applications

Smoke curtains find widespread applications in various types of buildings and spaces,
including commercial, residential, industrial, and public facilities. They are commonly
installed in atriums, stairwells, corridors, and open-plan areas where smoke movement can
pose significant risks to occupants and property. Additionally, smoke curtains are utilized in
high-rise buildings, shopping malls, airports, hospitals, and entertainment venues to enhance
fire safety measures and ensure compliance with building codes and regulations.


Enhance Your Building with Smoke Curtains

Investing in smoke curtains is a proactive step towards enhancing the fire safety of your
building and protecting its occupants and assets. By installing smoke curtains, you can
effectively contain smoke and prevent its rapid spread during fire incidents, minimizing the
risk of smoke inhalation, heat exposure, and property damage. Moreover, smoke curtains
can be seamlessly integrated into existing building designs without compromising aesthetics
or functionality, offering a discreet yet highly effective fire safety solution.