MSB DH-60/DA-150 Double mobile smoke curtain


Tecnitex MSB DH-60/DA-150 is an automated modular mobile curtain designed for the control and channelling of smoke in case of fire. It is an invisible element whose purpose is to create deposits or channels intended for the accumulation or guiding of smoke to areas where it can be evacuated.
Protective purpose
  • Protection and non-penetration of smoke for 60 minutes at 1000ºC (DH-60).
  • Protection and non-penetration of smoke for 150 minutes at 600ºC (DA-150).
  • Extensive possibilities for dimensions.
  • Adaptable to multiple installation configurations.

The MSB mobile curtains are made up of technical textile reference 450/PU/2 of fibreglass covered on both sides with polyurethane, a flame retardant material which facilitates the manipulation of the textile while providing greater rigidity, non-penetration of smoke, and preventing it from fraying. This material is also water repellent and has great resistance to cutting and acids.

Technical diagram

The TECNITEX MSB DH-60/DA-150 smoke control curtains are installed in order to fully close off the smoke deposit, fully lowering to the floor with ASB-3 & ASB-4 systems, or leaving a free space of 2.5m from floor level to the counterweight bar of the system in its unfolded position with ASB-1 & ASB-2 systems. *Note: We have a wide range of profile trims and finishes for fitting against ceilings.   Box options CDV: Vertical housing with front and lower opening. CDH: Horizontal housing with lower opening. CDVF: Vertical housing with inverted front and lower opening. *Note: Only in the case of planning for a movement or deflection allowing the emission of smoke into the adjoining deposit will lateral guides or deflectors be installed. I'm interested
Are you interested in fire curtains and smoke control barriers?

    Are you interested in fire curtains and smoke control barriers?