Fire curtains and barriers for sectorisation of fire

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Mobile textile systems for compartmentalisation in fire sectors

Fire Curtains

Fire curtains are mobile textile systems for compartmentalising and sectorising in case of fire. They are automated systems designed to guarantee integrity, isolation and low radiation in any case, as well as the non-penetration of smoke.

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Smoke Control Curtains

Smoke control curtains are fixed or mobile textile screens designed to channel, contain and/or prevent the spread of gases generated in case of fire.

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Control units

Control units are modular, autonomous elements intended for the control and management of Tecnitex mobile curtain systems. They may be connected to fire detection units, smoke and temperature detectors, or other SHEVS (Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation Systems). Once the alarm or order has been received, the units will take charge of unfolding the barriers, controlling their position and status at all times; once this alarm or order is restored, the units will automatically reset.

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Design and production of fire curtains and textile technical systems intended for sectorisation of fire and smoke control.
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We have experience, with specialisation in the management of products in the fire safety engineering sector.

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