11 / 04 / 2024 / Shared stories

A challenge: Large fire curtains in an industrial warehouse

How to cover an opening almost 21m long with a height of 7m with irrigated fire curtains?

Tecnitex team has stayed in Madrid in this occasion, where we have approached a new challenge in an industrial warehouse in the town of Pinto.

A project that consisted in the sectorization of a large warehouse, with large windows that have their offices and their work area separated.

The objective? Cover a span almost 21m long, divided into 2 curtains with irrigation with a height of 7 m and a second span 4 m long by 4m height. We will tell you how we solved this huge challenge.

The challenge: installing large curtains

If we are clear about one thing at Tecnitex is the continuous improvement and posing for new challenges is part of our philosophy.

Therefore, we saw in this work an opportunity to leave our comfort zone once again.

We knew the difficulty of a project with systems of these dimensions, and the only way to make this project a success was to anticipate and plan the work before difficulties arose.

After a visit to the site, we confirmed that it was possible to use the position of the pillars to anchor the guides and manufacture, instead of a 21m irrigated curtain, two smaller ones that could optimize production and installation time and reduce the cost.

Finally, we agreed on the installation of 3 curtains, two of them of large dimensions 11,1 x 7m and 9,5 x 7m.

Execution: a quick response to optimize times

During the execution of the work, we faced the first problem: placing the fabric on the roller of the larger curtains.

fire curtains industrial sector

Given the dimensions of the curtain, we needed a large enough and clean space on site in which we could stretch the fabric without it being damaged.

Therefore, the first decision was to assemble the boxes directly in our factory and transport them to reach the site and be able to position them directly. A decision that considerably reduced the execution time.

As these are large curtains, the weight of the curtain required leveling the fabric to prevent sagging and readjust the electronics for an optimal operation.

A serie of particularities that our team resolved in a timely manner, with the proactivity that characterizes us when we address this type of challenges.

Therefore, we could not avoid telling you the pride we feel in this team, perfectly capable of manufacturing and installing large curtains in record time and being prepared to quickly respond to any problem that may arise.

Facing new challenges, trusting our system, our team and what we can achieve with collaboration, planning and anticipation, has allowed us to end 2023 with a new success story.

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