09 / 11 / 2023 / Shared stories

Curtains adapted to complex architecture: The Case of Domes Lake Resort Park

Today we are traveling to Faro, just feet away from Falésia beach in Algarve (Portugal), to share with you a new project that was completed in record time at The Lake Resort Park.

The Lake Resort Park is a luxury hotel located by the sea shore with one particular feature: their rooms are arranged around a grand circular lobby, crowned by a 46 ft. Moorish-style dome.

What was the challenge?

To start, we moved into the hotel to study the magnitude of the place and take the necessary measurements to develop the project.

After the data had been collected, we developed and modeled the project through BIM (Building Information Modeling), a feature that allowed us to detect possible interferences between our box and the pre-existing facilities.

In order to do that, we located the critical points that required guaranteed access into our facility, which had to be adjusted before manufacturing our curtains, since this type of system must ensure a thorough enclosing of the whole perimeter.

Additionally, and considering the distinct feature of the dome, it seemed crucial to offer a system that would adapt to the circular geometry of the atrium and allow it to be hidden in the false ceiling, to minimize its visual impact.

What solutions have we provided?

Our solution to tackle the installation on the dome was to design a 12 side polygonal geometry, placing the tangent sides on the geometry of the atrium with the vertices moving away from the interior, hence facilitating the work of the air ducts.

To achieve this, we recommend a system of concertina curtain MSB-BLIND which, in the event of a fire, will contain the smoke on the atrium and avoid the smoke to penetrate the rooms.

The solution is perfectly designed to minimize visual impact on the architectural style of the hotel.

The greatest challenge: the deadline

The greatest challenge for this project was its tight deadline, since the hotel was expected to have its grand opening at the beginning of the summer season.

To meet the Resort’s needs, in only 5 weeks we were able to manufacture, deliver and install almost 100 linear meters, a record time that is usually needed for the manufacturing process alone.

Once settled in the Resort, our technicians performed an outline of the curtain in situ and after confirming it would fit and it adjusted perfectly to the geometry of the atrium, they proceeded to install the curtain in record time.

We are happy and fulfilled to have, once again, successfully executed such a challenging project and to have been able to respond to such a tight deadline, and we are grateful to The Lake Resort Park for placing their trust in our team.

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