Tecnitex carries out the installation of the fire curtain system for Cárnicas Villar Soria in record time
07 / 02 / 2023 / Shared stories

Tecnitex carries out the installation of the fire curtain system for Cárnicas Villar Soria in record time

As specialists in the development of applications for fire protection, access control and product testing, at Tecnitex we recently carried out a comprehensive fire sectorization project for a company in the industrial sector, Cárnicas Villar Soria.

The company, with a long history in the sector, has a 43,000 m2 warehouse that required the fire sectors to be secured, thereby ensuring their integrity and thermal insulation in the event of a fire, for at least 180 minutes, withstanding temperatures of 1,000ºC.

For this purpose, we supply and install 12 S-MFB-EI180 fire curtains with irrigation for control and partitioning between the fire sectors of the different rooms of the food industry.

The challenge: a tight deadline and a large area to sectorize

First of all, we carry out a project study, with the aim of offering the most truthful answer to the client. After the study, we concluded that the risk did not affect our productive capacity: we had the necessary resources.

In addition, the study confirmed that the client did not need to stop its activity during the execution of the installation.

To carry out the project, the deadline for the manufacture and installation of the fire curtains was two weeks, a record time in which the involvement of the team and interdepartmental coordination were key.

This involved a new challenge: obtaining the raw material, stainless steel, in the shortest possible time, as well as the lacquering of the metallic components and the specific programming of the electronic components. The goal? To meet the challenge that we had set ourselves.

The solution: manufacturing in record time and exemplary coordination

Thanks to the exhaustive planning and the fluid connection between the different departments, both the manufacture of the blinds and their installation were carried out within the established deadlines.

A result with a pristine finish, efficient final start-up with the Project Management and the rest of the technical team, and complete installation within the required time.

We appreciate the trust placed in Tecnitex by Cárnicas Villar Soria, as well as the enormous involvement and collaboration of the entire team to achieve a satisfactory result.

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