Irrigated curtains for smoke control

MFB EI-180 Irrigated fire curtain


TECNITEX MFB EI-180 is an irrigated fire curtain for control and sectorisation in case of fire. It is an automated system which has been designed to guarantee integrity, thermal insulation and non-penetration of smoke for over 180 minutes at temperatures of 1000ºC.
Protective purpose
  • Temperature of non-exposed side under 140ºC (Isolation).
  • 180 minute fire resistance at over 1000ºC (Integrity).
  • Large dimensions of up to 22000 x 17000mm (Width/Height).
  • The system is made up of technical textile reference TECTEX 710- PU/IN/2, made from class E fibreglass reinforced with steel Inconel, covered with a flame retardant polyurethane compound on both sides.
  • Irrigation system through open nozzles, activation by electrovalve, or closed sprinklers, activation by thermal fuse.

Technical diagram

The TECNITEX MFBI EI-180 fire curtains are installed for the purpose of integrity and thermal isolation, being an effective solution for compartmentalisation between fire sectors. Their versatility, lightness and aesthetics make this system an ideal solution, guaranteeing EI classifications of up to 180 minutes.

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Are you interested in fire curtains and smoke control barriers?

    Are you interested in fire curtains and smoke control barriers?