Horizontal fire curtain system

Fire Curtain System MFBH E-120


TECNITEX MFBH E-120 is a horizontal fire curtain with a sectorized function which guarantees its integrity against direct flames or a temperature of over 1000ºC for 120 minutes, preventing spread to higher levels.
Protection objective
  • Preventing the propagation of flames to the higher levels.
  • Fire resistance 120 min at more than 1000ºC (Integrity).
  • Large dimensions.

The system is made up of technical textile reference TECTEX 710-PU/IN/2, made from class E fibreglass reinforced with steel Inconel, covered with a flame retardant polyurethane compound on both sides.

Exploded view

  1. Housing, depending on model, made from galvanized-sheet metal.
  2. Removable supports for forming the box and holding the roller (depending on model). Front and lower openings made with rounded edges without sharp edges or corners.
  3. Roller with ogive for rolling the textile.
  4. Roller for unwinding the fabric.
  5. SMK motors according to model with technology. TGFS (Total Gravity Controlled Fail Safe Solution).
  6. Side guides with fabric retention system over its entire length.
  7. Fabric retention system along the entire length of the curtain for proper insulation from fire and smoke (optional).
  8. Technical fiberglass fabric with different finishes depending on the model and system classification.
  9. Fabric retention bar.
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    Are you interested in fire curtains and smoke control barriers?