Concertina fire curtain MFB-BLIND E-120


The concertina fire curtain model MFB-BLIND E-120 is an invisible compartmentalising system that allows the isolation of a specific section of any given environment.

Thanks to its configuration, it is possible to create completely open spaces since no side guides are required. Its purpose is to prevent the passage of flames from the affected area to the adjacent area in the event of a fire, thus preventing the fire from spreading.

It is a concealed system that remains retracted in its head box until activated, which is done by generating an automatic and controlled deployment.

Fire curtains accordion type represent a light, aesthetic and innovative solution for the design of open spaces that are free of obstacles, without losing the requirements of compartmentalisation between fire sections.

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Protection objective
  • Fire resistance 120 min 1000ºC (Integrity).
  • No thermal insulation.
  • No low radiation emission property.

The intended use of the system is to remain continuously open, and close only in the event of a fire when an activation signal is received from the control panel or any fire detection element within the building. The MFB BLIND E-120 concertina fire protection curtains are installed for the maintenance of integrity only, therefore it must be taken into account that in the event of an advanced fire, due to the emission of heat radiation, the elements in the adjacent sector could be affected.

The systems are not intended to be reused or reopened for evacuation purposes or for access by fire-fighting personnel.

Exploded view

  1. Head box galvanised sheet finish.
  2. Removable supports for the reinforcement of the box and roller holding. Front opening. Manufactured with rounded edges without edges or corners
  3. Roller without warhead for winding the strips.
  4. Motor SMK depending on model with technology “TGFS” Total Gravity Fail Safe Solution.
  5. Container tray of fabric.
  6. Metal straps for elevation and descent of the tray.
  7. Fiberglass technic fabric.
  8. Motor SMK on model with technology “TGFS” Total Gravity Controled Fail Safe Solution.
  9. Control Unit CST2.
*Note: The visible parts of the system can be customised by baked-on paint coating in a RAL colour of your choice.
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