Sectorisation of fires in industrial warehouses

Sectorisation in industrial warehouses is essential for preventing fire from spreading quickly, minimising risks in extinguishing tasks and reducing potential structural damage.

Fire protection in industrial warehouses

The sectorisation of fire is essential in any risk situation, wherever it occurs. The main objective is to keep the fire and smoke under control, preventing them from quickly expanding through the rest of the building. Thanks to sectorisation, risks are minimised in fire extinguishing tasks, allowing greater visibility and ease in accessing the affected area, avoiding the transmission of harmful smoke particles, reducing major structural damage, reducing subsequent costs, and allowing evacuation under the best conditions.

The sectorisation of fire in industrial warehouses is of major importance, as it has a great impact on the activity, installations, machinery, raw materials and employees. At Tecnitex, we maintain specific action protocols when the risk of fire is detected in the industrial sector, firstly by avoiding it, and secondly by minimising the impact it causes. Fire curtains and smoke control barriers are one of the most effective passive systems in fire protection.

Fire curtains in industrial warehouses can be adapted to the dimensions, characteristics and activity undertaken in each warehouse, preventing the spread of the fire into other areas of the warehouse or nearby spaces, reducing the negative impact and reducing reaction time.

Are you interested in fire curtains and smoke control barriers?

    Are you interested in fire curtains and smoke control barriers?