20 / 12 / 2023 / Corporate

Presenting the new Client Area for a unified management of fire and smoke curtains

The Tecnitex Team is happy to introduce this new and highly anticipated project:

Introducing the Tecnitex Client Area, a digital space for a simpler and unified management of fire and smoke curtains in our clients’ projects.

With a focus on user experience and efficiency, the Tecnitex Client Area provides professionals with three practical tools to speed up the configuration, manufacturing, delivery and supervision of the curtains, as well as facilitate access to the essential documentation for its integration into any of our clients’ projects.

Here’s how it all works! ⬇⬇⬇

All the required documents, just one click away

In the Tecnitex technical documentation area, users can explore detailed information regarding the different Tecnitex products. Here they will have access to technical sheets, user manuals and other technical documents to help them make the best, most informed and precise decisions.

You can download the BIM files to incorporate them into your project management software, which will accelerate the design and planification processes.

Online order manager: customize your order

The Tecnitex online orders manager offers users the possibility to configure products to their specific needs and specifications. For example, they can choose the exact dimensions for each curtain and the number of units needed.

Thanks to this new tool, professionals can manage and process their orders more quickly and monitor their order’s status in real time. Additionally, their order history will make organization and monitoring easier on the long term.

Full control of projects and maintenance in real time

The tool for projects and maintenance in the new Tecnitex Client Area offers users unified access to all the information about their projects: they can monitor the state of each device, project by project, in real time, for greater control and peace of mind.

Direct alerts and notifications on the state of each device, ensure that professionals are always informed and can take appropriate measures.

Moreover, the maintenance history and actions service, allows for a more detailed monitoring and guarantees optimal performance throughout time. The system will remind you when the next maintenance date is due, so you won’t miss any important dates.

Discover the new way to manage curtains in your fire protection projects in the Tecnitex Client Area. Simplify your processes, optimize your projects and trust an ally with experience in solutions for textile passive protection against fire.

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